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  • extreme pigment
  • full coverage
  • long lasting
  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • contains natural vanillin extract

Valencia Xtreme Matte Lipstick

    • BUH-BYE: mid tone plummy mauve
      • matching pencil: deep plum
    • CAMISOLE: Medium pink/rose with light plum undertone
      • Matching Pencil: glacier pink
    • CHUBBY: muted pink nude
      • matching pencil: cameo
    • DELETE: saturated brick red
      • matching pencil: flame
    • ICONIC: bold cranberry red
      • matching pencil: desire
    • MARILYN: clear vivid red pinkish coral undertone
      • matching pencil: darling / rubis
    • PROSPER: deep dusty rose mauve
      • matching pencil: cameo
    • PUPPY LOVE: Mauve rose toned nude
      • Matching pencil: rosewood
    • REVENGE: mid tone mauveish plum
      • matching pencil: cameo
    • ROLE MODEL: nude all types
      • matching pencil: sand
    • RUBY RUBY: the perfect intense ruby red
      • matching pencil: rubis
    • WHIRLY GIRL: nude mauve
      • matching pencil: cameo
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