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Benefits of double cleansing

Throughout the day, airborne bacteria and pollution is attracted to your skin, and if they aren't washed away properly they could potentially contribute to ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. No thank you. The best way to stop this from happening? Double cleansing

There are two major benefits that come with double cleansing. The first being that if you wear any foundation, spf, or water proof mascara's it can be helpful on removing the layer of those things to then let the cleanser truly clean the skin. The second benefit of double cleansing is that it will also brighten any dullness and will give you youthful looking glowy skin.

Our current favorite pre cleanser is the pre-cleanse oil by dermalogica it not only will help with melting away excess sebum, sunscreens and makeup but will condition the skin with the nourishing ingredients it has inside of it such as rice bran & vitamin e. Our current favorite cleanser to pear with the pre cleansing oil is the special cleansing gel by dermalogica because this cleanser is soap free it will help remove any of the remaining impurities without disturbing the skins natural moisture balance and because it has mint balm and lavender extract it will also help soothe the skin.


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