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Facial sprays

Our skin loses water throughout the day, sometimes at a rapid rate depending on the climate. So periodically re-hydrating is super important to staying hydrated, dewy and keeping your makeup in tact.

There are so many facial spray out in the market with so many different benefits for the skin. One of them being one of our current favorite sprays of the season the aloe, herbs and rosewater spray by Mario Badescu this spray not only can be used to set makeup and give some dewiness to it but it also can be used to soothe dehydrated skin and calm irritated skin. Our other favorite facial spray is the beauty elixir by Caudalie this facial spray has so many different benefits for the skin with ingredients like grape, orange blossom, organic mint balm and rosemary this product helps tighten the appearance of larger pores, visibly smooths features and gives a burst of radiance to the complexion.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of facial sprays come visit us here at Rouge Cosmetics at 322 derby st in Salem Ma, We will help you choose the perfect spray according to your skin concerns and needs


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