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How to keep a summer glow throughout the winter!

Cold weather and central heating can take a lot of moisture out of your skin so it's very important to incorporate a moisturizing cleanser like our current favorite chamomile cleanser by Valencia. The ingredients found in this cleanser help calm, soothe and hydrate the skin without stripping the skins natural moisture. This cleanser will not only help keep the skin healthy but will help your other skincare work more effectively.

Investing in a good serum that penetrates to the deeper levels of the skin and a moisturizer that helps moisturize the top layers are one of the most vital parts of a skincare regime. As they replenish the skin with valuable lipids which are important components to a healthy barrier function. Look for ingredients such as vitamin e and hyaluronic acid. Products such as our intense hyaluronic moisturizer that has both vitamin e and hyaluronic acid will help with the elasticity and moisture of the skin, and because vitamin e is a rich antioxidant, it will help defend the skin against harmful environment aggressors such as pollution.

During the night our skin is more effective at absorbing our skincare items, so it's a great opportunity to load the skin with nourishment. A great item to incorporate to your nightly skincare routine are facial oils. They allow the skin to lock in moisture without feeling greasy. One of our current facial oil favorites is the rose oil elixir by Darphin. it is a facial oil that will give you instant refreshment and will also re-balance hydration and restore natural radiance.

So stop by rouge and let our experts provide you with personalized skincare consultations!


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