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The importance of hand creams

You wouldn't wash your face without applying a moisturizer, So why not do the same for your hands? Hands are our tools and they allow us to carry out daily tasks, But we all often neglect them leaving them defenseless to the environment and in poor conditions.

The skin on our hands is actually one of the first places we show signs of aging. Take a look at the back of your hand. It's some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on our body. With hand creams you can boost your moisture levels and skins elasticity. While combating pigmentation, dehydration and premature aging.

A ultra hydrating, high quality product is key. One of our current favorite hand cream for this season that we recommend is the nourishing hand cream by Valencia. This hand cream is lightly scented, non greasy and absorbs very quickly. This hand cream is full of oils and vitamins such as avocado oil, shea butter and also vitamins a & e that will leave the hands hydrated and well nourished!


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