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Plant-based, Cruelty free, Parabens free

You may have heard a lot about plant-based lifestyles these days. While it may still seem like a trend and not much more then a hype. In reality plant-based lifestyles can offer many health benefits including the promotion of healthy skin.

One of our favorite plant-based skincare lines is Valencia by Rouge. These skincare products are made entirely from ingredients that are derived from plants such as fruits, minerals, vegetables and even purified waters. These plants are jam packed with essential

vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support glowing skin, strong nails and luscious hair.

Our skin is our largest organ and it goes through a lot on a daily basis. From the surfaces it comes into contact to the cuts and scratches as well as the harmful chemicals. Our skin easily soaks these toxins into our body. Opting for plant based skincare is a smart move because you know what is going into your skin. These conventionally produced products are not only bad for our body but the earth as well. This is because when these products are being manufactured a lot of the harmful chemicals that are inside of them are released into the air, our water supplies, and into our homes. So when you decide to use natural, plant based products, you are not only ensuring that your body is better protected but also that our earth is.

To learn more about our plant based skincare and makeup line Valencia, Come visit us Rouge Salem, at 322 derby st, Salem ma


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