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“Should I Change My Skincare from Season to Season?”

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

The short answer to this question is yes. Our skin does change in different seasons in response to the weather. Although you are born with a certain skin type (oily, combo, dry), your skin’s condition may change.

Most people experience a bit more dryness and/or dehydration in the colder months, especially here in New England, due to a variety of factors. There is less humidity in the air and when the heat systems turn on in our homes and at work, they tend to kick up a lot of dust and debris causing dryness.

The best way to combat this dryness is to be prepared for it! You should have some tried and true winter products on hand to swap out for your summer ones.

Here are some quick and easy steps to take to prepare:

  1. Change your moisturizer to a richer one that offers more hydration.

  2. Add a hyaluronic acid serum (if you aren’t already using one) before your moisturizer to boost water levels.

  3. Switch your cleanser to a creamy/milky cleanser instead of a gel.

One thing that should NOT change from season to season is your SPF! Don’t forget that 90% of aging comes from the sun and UVB rays are not as strong in the winter (which is why we don’t get sunburns in January) but UVA rays, the ones that cause aging, are just as strong as they are in the summer!

To find the perfect skin care regimen for you and your skin come into Rouge for a free skin care consultation and tailored recommendations from one of our skin care professionals!


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