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The Power Of Serums

The Power Of Serums:

Serums are usually water based and contain no fillers like mineral oils or petroleum, therefore your skin has the ability to absorb the ingredients faster and at a higher concentration level. They target anything from premature signs of aging, lack of elasticity and firmness, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, acne, scarring, dullness and more.

These concentrated ingredients are easily absorbed into your skin while moisturizers which are thicker create a barrier over your skin to seal in moisture and ingredients, this is why serums and moisturizers go hand in hand. While serums provide the benefit or absorption, moisturizers provide the benefits of sealing in those ingredients and protecting your top layer of skin.

Think of watering a plant, you want to make sure the roots are properly watered so that the entire plant is nourished, in the same way, serums are like the water that penetrate the root of your skin, the deeper layers that moisturizers alone can not penetrate.

Choosing the right serum can be tricky, as it’s sometimes difficult to tell what is right for your skin type, but don’t fear, our team of skincare professionals can guide you in choosing the best products for your skin!

Just send us a message to schedule your Free Virtual Skincare consultation today!


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