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What Rouge has to offer

Here at Rouge we offer many different services such as dry hair styling, makeup applications, spray tanning and waxing. The service at the top of the list are offered as advanced treatments such as micro current. These advanced treatments are people's top favorite because of the extreme firming, smoothing and hydration benefits. The micro current treatment is a top favorite because it is a treatment that uses low current electricity that mirrors our body's own natural electricity causing a chemical reaction (production of collagen) which helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines. While the micro current is a favorite to those looking for anti-aging benefits. The galvanic current treatment is a favorite for those who may suffer with acne and dullness. The galvanic current treatment uses water soluble substances through the skins surface in effect to improve absorption and moisture. which helps the skin eliminate sebum and congestion which is one of the main causes of acne. It also helps the skin absorb more moisture. And the best part about these treatments are that they both require no down time.

For more information feel free to contact us at 978-740-1044 or visit us at 322 derby st in Salem, Ma


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