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Blinc has built a reputation for offering a selective, high-performance line of eye enhancement cosmetics that redefine their product types. It all began with blinc’s Kiss Me mascara, the original mascara invented to form tiny water resistant “tubes” around your lashes. Kiss Me mascara continues to receive accolades as one of the best overall mascaras on the market by the top beauty magazines as well as a growing following of some of Hollywood’s hottest stars (i.e., Jessica Alba, Rachel McAdams, Lucy Liu, etc.).

Blinc’s Kiss Me liquid eyeliner applied the revolutionary “tube” technology to create a new approach to this old cosmetic standard. Once again achieving an intense look and unparalleled hold, yet easy removal without the use of a makeup remover, it was named as a “beauty breakthrough” by Prevention magazine.

Blinc then developed its multifunctional lash primer/conditioner designed to amplify the effect of your mascara while it nourishes and protects the lashes.

Blinc’s entire line of eye cosmetics are easy to use, easy to take off, and help you look your best all day with no smudging!

Come to Rouge to learn about tubing your lashes!

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