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Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare

Valencia Cosmetics specializes in high quality products, with a hand selected color selection.
We pride ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients.


Our products are: Paraben Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Allergy Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Fragrance Free, Not Tested on Animals.

Experience Valencia Couture Beauty,

The Gold Standard in Clean Beauty!


About our Cosmetics:

Our obsession with plants and their amazing natural abilities to heal and work in harmony with the body is at the heart of our passion for our makeup line and skincare.

Valencia sets a luxurious standard in the world of modern, botanical skincare and cosmetics. Valencia clean makeup ingredients standards are rigorous. Our color collections are tastefully picked up and inspired on the 4 seasons and the travels around the old and new world.

Through groundbreaking scientific advancement, meticulous formulation and personal commitment, we use beauty as a tool to effect change in the world. Inspiring our everyday woman by creating purposeful, worthy beauty products crafted from the purest ingredients, we've contributed to raise the bar for the beauty industry.

Not only are there over 2,000 ingredients we won't ever touch, we are also proud to formulate without phenoxyethanol, an alcohol-based preservative used by many other makeup brands that call themselves clean. The ingredient, often used as a safer alternative to parabens, is potentially allergenic and irritating.

About our Skincare:

It’s an all-natural line that uses plant base products as well as hand-picked ingredients, fruits, vegetables and the highest

purified water in their nourishing, anti-aging and healing products. Natural minerals, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, all products are free of toxic chemicals.

Sourcing of Plants:

At Valencia Couture Beauty we start with the best Sourced ingredients from around the world. Harvesting the active part of the plant utilizing a pure extraction method to optimize the quality and concentration of our formulas, capturing pure plant essences that helps to heal dryness, … but that is just the beginning.


Valencia Couture Beauty formulations are complex because each active ingredient is meticulously paired with a carrier to ensure the activity is preserved until the moment of contact. When you open a jar of Valencia Couture Beauty Skin Care, take a pea size of our cream or spread our micro-water serum, the life force of each botanical essence is released to skin. The addictive textures and aromas deliver pleasure and performance.

Free From:

• Parabens

• Mineral Oil

• Formaldehyde

• Phthalates

• Synthetic Fragrances

• Synthetic Dyes

Valencia by Rouge: Welcome
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