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For over 40 years Mario Badescu has been known for personalized skin care treatments and products. Mario products and services have been proven to help not only actors and supermodels but thousands of people who realize the importance of good skin care. Those suffering from acne, teen acne, rosacea, aging and other skin problems have come to rely on Mario Badescu to keep their skin looking its best.

All Mario formulations were created by the founder, the late Mario Badescu, a world-renowned cosmetic chemist and skin care specialist.  The foundation of the Mario product line is soothing botanicals, fruit extracts, seaweed, high quality vitamin oils, aloe vera, chamomile and caviar – just to name a few.

Since the company does not spend millions on advertising and expensive packaging, prices are extremely reasonable for such effective skincare products, all still manufactured in the USA. Mario Badescu still has a thriving spa in New York City, housed in the original residence  of  founder Mario Badescu, where many famous celebrities have regular facials.

All Mario Badescu products are made in the USA and not tested on animals.

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Mario Badescu: About Me
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