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True luxury in skincare, available at Rouge exclusively on the Northshore.

Darphin’s immutable core belief that outward beauty emanates from inner balance and harmony of the body, mind and soul originated with company founding father, Pierre Darphin. In 1958, Darphin helped revolutionize esthetic care by opening one of the first beauty institutes in Paris for complete body, hair and skin care solutions, custom-tailored to specific, personal needs. Darphin’s products were renowned for their transformational results. But using the correct combination of several complimentary formulas in a disciplined daily program was essential. Darphin’s pragmatic beauty concept – which advocates an individualized approach to problems and a custom, multi-sensory approach to solutions – remains the core conviction and guiding principal of Darphin beauty care today.

Unlike many skin care brands that cater to “skin types”, Darphin does not advocate pre-determined product regimes. Darphin recognizes that while “skin type” is a constant, “skin condition” evolves and changes with age, weather, nutrition, stress and any number of lifestyle variables. To restore balance and optimize beauty, truly effective skin care takes all these variables into consideration.

Darphin has developed a complete spectrum of advanced, targeted formulations to help REPAIR, RESTORE and REPLENISH the appearance of each skin type and condition. How and when these products are used for optimal results is critical, therefore at the core of every individualized Darphin skin care recommendation is a daily “3-D Skin Care” program featuring three products with complementary and supplementary benefits. Designed for flexibility and real results, Darphin 3-D Skin Care enables customers to mix, match and substitute appropriate formulas in order to address the most pressing, immediate needs of their skin while also generating a beautifying sense of well-being.

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