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  • velvet creamy liquid lipstick
  • lightweight and longwear
  • highly pigmented
  • dries to matte, will not feather

Valencia Liquid Velvet Lipstick - Brights, Reds & Berries

    • Anarchy: Mid Tone Berry Pinkish Mauve
      • Matching pencil: Caberet
    • Betty Boo: Classic Cherry Red
      • Matching pencil: Rubis
    • Boudoir: Deep Smokey Cranberry
      • Matching pencil: Chestnut
    • Heartbeat: Daring Race Car Red with Neon Undertone
      • Matching pencil: Rubis
    • Hell Bent: Pink Pastel Red

      • Matching pencil: Darling or Tango

    • Hustler: Toasted Rose Medium Nude
      • Matching pencil: Cameo​​​​​​​
    • Validate: Rubied Red Berry
      • Matching pencil: Tango
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