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Back to School Beauty Essentials!

Put your best face forward and learn the ABC’s of proper skincare!

1. Cleanse (morning & night)

2. Tone (morning & night)

3. Exfoliate (1-2 x per week at night)

4. Moisturize (morning & night)

5. Protect (morning)

Great skin comes with great care. Not all skincare products are made equal, that’s why it is essential to know your skin type and what skincare products work best to improve your overall skin. Whether your skin is oily, acne prone, dry, sensitive, etc, it is important to use products that will balance your skin and improve its overall appearance and health. Your skincare regimen should include a cleanser to cleanse the skin or impurities, excess oils, makeup and bacteria. This should be followed by a toner which will remove any residue that your cleanser might have missed but most importantly calm, soothe and restore the proper pH balance of the skin. Having proper cleansed and balanced skin allows your serums, moisturizers and treatments to be absorbed better into the skin and work more effectively.

After toning, proper exfoliation 1-2 times per week in the evening helps remove any dead skin and impurities which will diminish dry patches and inflammation due to trapped impurities in the skin. The next step is to apply a serum first and then a moisturizer right after your serum, both are designed to work together for optimal results. Serums penetrate deeper levels of the skin while moisturizers sit on the top layer. Your last step is using sunscreen during the day only to protect your skin from sun damage, inflammation and sun related breakouts.

We know it can be difficult deciding what products will work best for you, but have no fear, our staff of professionals are available for free skincare consultations that will provide customized skincare regimens for all concerns and budgets.

We carry an array of different high-quality clean skincare and beauty products.

Get back to school ready and schedule your complimentary skincare consultation today at 978-740-1044!


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