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Cleansing Oils Vs. Makeup Wipes

One huge misconception is that makeup wipes remove makeup. Instead, makeup remover wipes don't effectively remove or cleanse makeup from your skin. They basically just smear dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup on your skin causing pore blockage and skin irritation.

Very few makeup wipes contain ingredients that can break down all your face oils, makeup, and debris on your skin, so essentially, you're just rubbing bacteria, irritants, and makeup-wipe residue around your skin and into your pores causing more problems on your skin then you began with.

Cleansing oils deep cleanse your skin removing impurities, bacteria, makeup and dead skin cells. The oil binds to the dirt and debris on your skin and lifts it away. Good quality cleansing oils leave no residue and removes even the most stubborn mascara and waterproof makeup.

Also, makeup wipes usually require high levels of preservatives that are irritating for your skin. They also usually contain parabens and alcohol to keep the wipes moist which can be especially irritating on sensitive skin.

We highly recommend using cleansing oils even if you're not removing makeup. Good oil-based cleansers help eliminate skin pollutants, excess oils, bacteria, and residue from moisturizers and sunscreens providing a deep cleanse of your skin.

Cleansing oils are even great on oily skin as oil attracts oil which essentially removes excess oil without stripping your skin of the oils it needs to be balanced and hydrated.

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